PFLUGERVILLE, Texas – Nov. 17, 2020 – PRLogExperienced insurance agent Dauren Asrymbetov has purchased the Pflugerville, TX, office of Horace Mann. A strong supporter of local teachers and schools, Asrymbetov hopes to continue the mission started by previous owner John Ryan.

Horace Mann is the largest financial services company focused on providing America’s educators and school employees with insurance and retirement solutions. Founded by Educators for Educators ® in 1945, the company is headquartered in Springfield, Illinois. The multi-faceted insurance agency not only offers affordable insurance for educators, but programs such as student loan solutions, financial wellness workshops, and student attendance programs. With an emphasis on client education, support, and financial savings, Horace Mann prides itself on understanding the needs of school teachers in all career stages.

From Humble Beginnings to Community Leader

As a first-generation immigrant from Taraz, Kazakhstan, Asrymbetov understands an educator’s impact in the community. “My middle and high school teachers were excellent educators and even greater human beings,” Asrymbetov said, “They influenced me to be a better man, and they are one of the top reasons why I enjoy helping educators with their insurance needs.”

Through ownership of the local Horace Mann branch, Dauren will continue the company’s mission to support education through programs like DonorsChoose, Crystal Apple recognition, and financial wellness workshops. At the corporate level, Horace Mann demonstrates its commitment to education, equality, and community through direct funding, charitable donations, grants and awards.

More Than Insurance

Giving back to teachers is one of the key motivating factors behind the purchase of the local Horace Mann office. Growing up during the collapse of the Soviet Union, Mr. Asrymbetov was drawn to education as a means of understanding the world. “My teachers taught me to be confident and courageous,” Asrymbetov stated, “As an immigrant from a third-world country, I truly appreciate the importance of public education. It is my mission to provide local educators and their families with the tools, resources, and services to thrive inside and outside of the classroom.”

Asrymbetov chose to set up shop in Pflugerville, Texas, due to strong ties to the community and a love for the residents. Asrymbetov has been a part of the Pflugerville community for almost five years, residing in Pflugerville with spouse Stephanie, 6-year-old son Moses, 17-year-old stepdaughter Sierra, and dogs Jackson and Jasper.

A Legacy Built on Education

It is no surprise that the namesake of the insurance company, Horace Mann, was a strong proponent of public education. An individual of many great achievements, Mann is quoted as saying, “Doing nothing for others is the undoing of ourselves.” This creed is epitomized in the service that Asrymbetov plans to offer to the local community at Horace Mann. Through hard work, a positive attitude, and a commitment to the community, the local agency will not only provide needed solutions to teachers, but also build a name as an agency that deeply cares for all educators.

For further information on the Pflugerville branch of Horace Mann, including service or press inquiries, reach out to Dauren via phone, email, or visit the Dauren Asrymbetov Agency online.

Originally published at PRLog