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Successfully utilizing Google’s business tools connects you to customers and fellow professionals. Claim your spot on Google Maps, and track customer interaction through analytics. Google users can even manage workflows, projects, and books with innovative and FREE online software! Google business help is offered as a separate service, as well an included extra in all 3 of our Marketing Packages.

By integrating Google Analytics, you’ll be able to analyze user interaction on your website and business page.
Google+ is an SEO essential. We will construct an attractive profile to educate potential customers, link back to your website, and strategically network with people and businesses of interest!
The #1 online resource for people in search of goods and services is Google Maps. Vincent James will create and verify a business profile to get you on the Map.
Google email (gmail) uses a unique email address to house customer inquiries. Our experts can help set up and organize your inbox!
Not a fan of social media? Vincent James will optimize your Google+ and Business Profile for maximum reach and effectiveness!



Our marketing experts are ready to match your needs to the perfect small business marketing strategy. Whether you’re ready to buy, or just browsing, we are happy to help!

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