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Vincent James Marketing Spruces Up

By: Vincent James Marketing, LLC Official Press Release November 29th, 2017 The folks at Vincent James Marketing, LLC are getting to work yet again. This time, the company has teamed with a Troy, Michigan-based tree service, Rob’s Tree Pros. The partnership with Tree Pros is one of several projects secured by the growing firm in […]

Learn How To: Add Business to Google Maps

As a marketing and web development expert specializing in small business, I’ve encountered my fair share of stubborn business owners. When prompted to invest in digital marketing I often hear complaints like “websites are a waste of money”, “who has time to post to facebook”, and my personal favorite, “Google? Google shmoogle!” Well… maybe not […]

9 Helpful Tips for Marketing on a Budget

Digital Marketing, Print Marketing, Online Marketing, Direct Marketing… there are plenty of established marketing strategies. We all know marketing is vital to your small business, but how can you market effectively without breaking the bank? Here a nine strategies from the Vincent James team for marketing on a budget […]