Sandyside Senior Living is an assisted living facility located in White Lake, MI. Occupying a newly renovated building that has served White Lake and the surrounding area for years, Sandyside Senior Living aids Southeast Michigan seniors suffering from conditions such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Dimentia, and general debility.

In addition to the improvements to the facility and its equipment, the company has also partnered with digital marketing agency Vincent James Marketing, LLC ( to help increase brand awareness and fill the facility with residents that require care. Under the guidance of its owners and operators, both Timothy P. Nye and Michael J. Piagentini, the adult foster care home has grown and thus wanted to overhaul its web presence to help maintain the positive momentum.

“Our last site, while aesthetically pleasing, left a lot to be desired in terms of search engine strength and bringing organic traffic to our brand. Our previous partnership was expensive and yielded no results. We hope our partnership with Vincent James Marketing, LLC will change that,” said Timothy Nye.

Established by two Michigan-born entrepreneurs and longtime friends, Sandyside Senior Living specializes in helping those families that are having difficulty providing sufficient medical care to their elderly family members. The assisted living facility and its owners pride themselves on being able to offer high caretaker to patient ratios, a house physician, podiatrist, occupational and speech therapy, as well as a hairdresser to help residents stay clean and positive.

Like the owners of Sandyside Senior Living, Vincent James Marketing, LLC was also founded by two Michigan-born friends and entrepreneurs, Michael Fisher and Daniel Woods. Vincent James Co-Founder Daniel Woods spoke highly of the new partnership and expressed his optimism that their digital marketing plan will help Sandyside improve their business and ensure that local families are aware of the care options available in their own backyards:

“Sandyside Senior Living facilities and ownership are truly exceptional, which makes our job of marketing the services and personalities that much easier. In tandem with our search engine optimization strategies and ongoing maintenance plan I am confident that their website and other digital marketing assets will perform very well in terms of both organic traffic and user experience.”

Improving upon Sandyside’s current Squarespace site, the Vincent James team will work with Tim and Mike on every detail from info architecture to verbiage, meta data, links, media galleries, as well as graphic design, strategy, and continued maintenance.

“Once we optimize the various pages and submit the site map to Google the site will continue to climb the ranks in terms of select keywords and phrases specific to the Southeast Michigan assisted living scene. These efforts will be complimented by Sandyside’s continued procurement of quality services like great medical, delicious food, and a fun, family atmosphere. I think I speak for Sandyside when I say that we are excited to get to work and create a model for sustained success.”

Moving forward, the Vincent James team will continue to offer its clients a variety of solutions for different branding, marketing, and web development initiatives. This completed project is one of several projects currently in the queue for the digital agency. Chief Technical Officer Michael Fisher expressed his optimism when he said, “I enjoy making differences for our customers on a daily basis. It is that sort of reputation for consistently delivering on the details and making sure our customers are one hundred percent happy with what we are putting out there that really makes a difference when trying to maintain a reputation.”

If you have a loved one that needs care and supervision, Sandyside Senior Living in White Lake, Michigan can help you provide the care that sick, elderly individuals need. Learn more about these services, how to schedule a tour, and learn more about the facility and team online at