Marketing is vital to your small business. But how can you market effectively without breaking the bank? Here a nine strategies from the Vincent James team for marketing on a budget:

1. Blog Early, Blog Often

If your business doesn’t have a blog then you are missing out an easy, free way to draw attention to your website, nurture relationships, and capture leads. Post blogs that are directly relevant to your business. They should focus on particular the needs and interests of your customers. Check out more Vincent James Small Business Blogs to see how it’s done!

2. Social Media

Maybe the most important, most cost-effective marketing strategy today. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram put your business on the map and give you a free way to directly-engage customers with original content, deals, and promotions to boost your brand!

3. Google My Business Account

When you need something, what do you do? Google it. Google My Business (GMB) account is an absolute must for small business on a budget. This free tool will allow you to show up in the search and on the map!

4. Email Lists

Every small business needs an email listserv. Period. Communicate deals and updates regularly and directly to your customers’ inbox. MailChimp is free for companies with less than 2,000 subscribers, and aWeber is $19/month if you list is above and beyond.

5. Contribute To An Industry Magazine.

Placing an ad in a trade magazine can be pricey, but contributing to an article is totally free. Check the publication, as a lot of magazines accept and even encourage guest authors. In exchange for your positive contribution to a larger discussion you can promote your brand in your bio!

6. Local Networking Events

Depending on your market, there are dozens, if not hundreds of local business events every week. Check your local chamber, small business association, or create an account on and start bumping elbows with other entrepreneurs in your community

7. Insightful Blog Post Comments

A well-timed, carefully crafted response to blog posts relevant to your business and objectives is useful in a variety of ways. It shows that you care enough to actually read and process the ideas, that you’ve thought about the content, and that you are well-versed on the matter. Additionally, useful commentary will get you noticed by the blog manager and their readers!

8. Create a Yelp Listing For Your Business

If you are a local business (particularly a restaurant), you should strongly consider adding your business to Yelp. Not only is it free, but it’s a great way to get your brand noticed across multiple search engines.

9. Create and Manage a Facebook Group

Create a Facebook group relevant to your business that will spark a conversation. Choose a specific concept rather than your brand. not your brand. If you want to collaborate with a variety of small business owners on marketing strategies, make a group called “Small Business Marketing on a Budget.”

These are just a few tips and tricks for marketing on a budget. Are you taking advantage of these opportunities? What are some of your most cost-effective marketing strategies?