Social media is a must when it comes to promoting your business online. It’s cost effective, gives your brand instant visibility, and gives your website a boost on search engines like Google and BING. Sounds great, right? But with all of the social networks out there, and so many strategies to pursue, it’s hard to know exactly how to promote a business using social media. More specifically, how do you engage the right audience with valuable content?

Here are three practical pointers from the folks at Vincent James on how to promote a business using social media:

Create a Self-Inventory

Before you start an account for your business on every social media platform stop and think about who you are. What are you trying to promote? Who is your target audience? What makes your business special? Answering fundamental questions like these can give you a ton of insight in terms of your online strategy. For example, a picture-centric Instagram account is a great idea for a restaurant looking to promote colorful, delicious entrees to local patrons looking for seasonal cuisine. Conversely, an accountant (CPA) may forego a visual platform in favor of one based more on numbers and news like Twitter.

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Slow and steady wins the race. If you are not posting regularly you are losing relevancy on both social media and in search engines alike. New posts provide fresh opportunities for your audience to click, engage, and share info with their friends and families. Set aside a few hours a week to work on new content for your social media accounts and stick to it! Some websites like Facebook let you schedule when posts will go out to your followers. But how often is too often, you might ask? Great question. Too many posts can be a huge turnoff. Sure, I might love your deals but do I need to know about them every single day? Definitely not. This leads us to our next pointer…

Provide Value

Quality and reasonable quantity. As we explain above, posting with regularity is vital. Also vital is the quality of the content. We recommend following the one-in-seven rule. This means that only one out of every seven posts you create should promote your businesses products and services. The other six will serve to generate buzz through thought-provoking questions, polls, and the sharing of relevant content like news stories or substantive articles.
Using the right platforms, staying up-to-date, and providing useful content for your followers are a few ways how to promote a business using social media. Social media accounts for your business is a great way to attract new customers and draw additional interest. Nonetheless, managing multiple platforms simultaneously can be daunting. So, before you start posting content, requesting friends, and adding followers, be prepared for managing those channels and communicating with customers that have questions or concerns.
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