By: Vincent James Marketing, LLC
Official Press Release November 29th, 2017

The folks at Vincent James Marketing, LLC are getting to work yet again. This time, the company has teamed with a Troy, Michigan-based tree service, Rob’s Tree Pros. The partnership with Tree Pros is one of several projects secured by the growing firm in as many months. According to Co-Founder and Director of Client Development, Daniel Woods, this recent trend is a result of their focus on internal business processes:

“We put a lot of time and thought into how to improve our workflow systems. It’s not just about our CRMs, either. It’s about folks being accountable, folks not being afraid to step up.”

Founded by owner Robert Bergund, Tree Pros is a group of highly-trained tree service professionals along with a certified Arborist on staff. The company prides itself on being able to provide reliable information on the health and danger of trouble trees. Tree Pros specializes in large tree removals, tree trimming, pruning, thinning and stump grinding. Tree Pros is based out of Troy, MI, but the company serves all of Oakland County and most of Southeast Michigan.

As a growing business, Tree Pros engaged Vincent James Marketing, LLC to improve the operation’s existing website, Rob’s Tree Pros. More specifically, Tree Pros needed search engine optimization (SEO) and a face lift. Perhaps two of the most important boxes to check off when it comes to building a successful brand website, SEO brings more traffic to the site and the content engages readers and keeps visitors from leaving the page.

According to Woods, the concert of increased time on site, lower bounce rates, and additional traffic will have, “compounding positive impacts on the performance of the site. Rob already had a ton of useful knowledge on the site. We just helped them spruce it up a bit—no pun intended.”

Vincent James Marketing, LLC re-formatted and stylized Rob’s Tree Pros by adding images, organizing text, and implementing a header and footer on all pages. Using research from sources like Google analytics, Vincent James also tailored a content strategy to help Tree Pros get noticed in search engines. Vincent James Marketing, LLC also updated the site’s security and contact form, an essential item that converts leads into customers. “Traffic to your site isn’t worth much if you aren’t converting,” Woods said.

Since partnering with Vincent James Marketing, LLC two months ago in September, the Rob’s Tree Pros website has already benefited from updated security measures and a modern design that performs on all devices. With continued maintenance and injection of new content and social media campaigns, the Vincent James developers believe Rob’s Tree Pros has the potential to shake up the local online marketplace for tree service and arborist work in Oakland County and beyond.

Now and into the future, Vincent James Marketing, LLC will continue to emphasize internal processes as they take on new clients to help streamline projects and cut out any wasted motions. This continued momentum for the web development team is great news for the new business. Chief Technical Officer Michael Fisher spoke highly of the future saying, “I really like where we’re headed. We’ve been lucky enough to work with some fantastic partners in a variety of fields and it’s given us confidence knowing we are up for the task.”

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