By: Vincent James Marketing, LLC
Official Press Release June 26, 2017

Vincent James Marketing is here to help startups and mom and pops alike create and maintain a robust digital marketing infrastructure. Founded by successful Austin, TX entrepreneur Michael Fisher, Vincent James is more than just small business internet marketing services. “After launching several small business startups including Disaster Relief Supply and Destin Wheels, I just wanted to help other businesses create a brand they can be proud of,” Fisher said. Offering everything from web development to social media foundations and graphic design, these marketers will provide comprehensive digital services at reasonable prices.

It was early 2017 that Fisher set out to establish an internet marketing service in the tech capitol of the south, Austin, Texas. After all, Austin scored the number one spot in the nation on CNBC’s list of best places to start a business. “There are so many new businesses here that could use a little help,” Fisher explained. “That means delivering everything a small business would need to attract and grow a loyal client base in the digital era.” Fisher’s idea came to life after speaking to an old friend, Daniel Woods. Woods’ entrepreneurial success in real estate and affinity for project management added a much need logistical perspective to the marketing firm’s early development.

Although licensed for business in Texas, the online operation will also have a branch located in Sacramento, California—another city that has experienced significant growth recently. Though physically located in Texas and California, Vincent James will serve a national audience with contracts already in place with companies from both Michigan and Florida.

Throughout 2017, the staff at Vincent James is expecting to stay busy equipping small businesses with the tools needed to promote in the twenty-first century. Fisher and Woods have no doubt that Vincent James will deliver powerful results for customers, and remains confident that their model of superior customer service and competitive pricing will help attract and keep clients in 2017 and beyond. “We have worked tirelessly on our process in hopes of delivering a quality product in a timely manner,” Fisher said. “We are really excited to get to work.” Visit the Vincent James Small Business Solutions website, Vincent James Marketing, for testimonials, pricing, services, and more.