Why does a Small Business Website need SEO? A single question with multiple answers. To use an analogy, SEO, or search engine optimization, is the website equivalent of fuel for a car. To get from point A to point B, a car needs fuel. For a website to go from the tenth page to the first on a search engine, it needs SEO. The benefits of SEO extend beyond just search engine ranking, though. It means eyeballs, impressions, and so much more. In fact, the right SEO strategy—one driven by analytics—can have powerful positive impacts on a small business’ bottom line. In other words, an optimized small business website has the ability to make a lot of money. In this discussion, we here at Vincent James Marketing, LLC answer the question of, “Why does a small business website need SEO?” and further explain how the proper SEO strategy can have impacts beyond the digital realm.

Why Does a Small Business Website Need SEO?

1.  Search Engine Ranking

When someone needs something they will most often use a search engine such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo to find it (Google being by far the most popular). Thus, having a first page placement on Google or even Bing or Yahoo is a big deal. When you ask yourself, “Why Does a Small Business Website need SEO” this is the primary reason. Few people, if any, have the patience to scroll back four pages to find a business listing. Additionally, without a properly optimized web presence, there is a good chance that a company’s site will not show up even when someone types in the exact name of the business.

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2. Click Through Rate

Even if a business appears on the first page for desired keywords and phrases, search engine users may not be enticed to click. If the web page’s clickable link (meta title) and summary of products and services (meta description) are not exactly what a user is looking for, that business is likely to be overlooked in favor of a competitor whose meta data is more relevant. For example, if you search Submarine Sandwiches in Austin, TX and the first clickable link is about Pickled Peppers rather than Submarine Sandwiches, a user will go to the next result. An effective SEO strategy would target the right keywords and also employ consistent, relevant metadata to complement tags and content to get more folks to click through and browse the site.

3. High Returns

The cost of SEO is minuscule compared to its returns. When compared to the money you would spend on any other marketing strategies, advertising, etc. (Pay Per Click on Google, banner ads, coupon books, etc.) SEO is by far the most cost effective. For example, a print ad in the local home and garden promoting a new Daisy nursery could cost an arm and a leg to design, write, deploy, and maintain over months or years. Furthermore, it’s reach is limited to only those that read that particular publication. Instead, why not appeal to the masses and be the number one hit for Daisy Nurseries in the area? SEO strategies have the ability to deliver customers from across the globe for cheap—the best of both worlds! That means less money spent on billboards, newspaper ads, and direct mail campaigns.

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4. Keep Pace with the Competition

SEO is becoming an increasingly popular practice. More business owners are embracing its benefits and seizing opportunities when they present themselves. To claim the top spot for a specific niche the best practice is always start early and keep the pedal to the metal. Even if one product or service is better overall or offers a better price, a business placed in front of another on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo will attract more customers.

In sum, SEO is the best, most cost-effective way for small businesses to attract leads, engage customers, and drive sales. No single strategy will boost your site to the top of the rankings on Google, Bing, or Yahoo. Instead, it requires a mix of data-centric foundations and careful, consistent work over time. Contact the SEO pros at Vincent James Marketing, LLC  today and let us show you how a professional SEO strategy can help supercharge your small business marketing strategy and deliver more customers to your door.